Gambling is Everywhere

Gambling is Everywhere
For many years it was a debate if casino and online casino should be legalized. Gambling was considered politically incorrect and it was in most countries not legal or surrounded by a governmental monopoly. In reality gambling is already here like an alien walking among us. We might choose not to see it but it does not mean it is not here. Both you and me are exposed to gambling and make casino like decision everyday of our lives.

Poker language in the newspaper

Maybe you do not notice it but no matter if you are reading a newspaper or going out with friends the casino vocabulary and lifestyle is already part of your world. When I open my newspaper this morning I read an article presenting business life as a game of poker. An expression like one director is raising his stake against another competitor is easily found. Another is there one where the journalist talks about going all in and betting against bad summer weather. Business journalists in the world today use the poker language to make their articles sound more interesting and maybe they even believe business and poker has a lot in common. When the journalist say that the director of Samsung was bluffing against Apple maybe he really believes those two companies are playing a heads up game?

Vaccines when travelling

Another private life gambling story is the one you make when you decide if you are taking vaccines or not when travelling. The last time I went to South East Asia I needed to decide if I wanted to take pills against Malaria. If the pills had been free I would 100% sure have taken them but they were so extremely expensive I was in doubt if they were worth it. A cost of 7 USD per day would the Malaria pills cost me. My final argument for not taking them was that I found out the probability of catching Malaria was lower than being killed in traffic in Bangkok. I estimated this probability was so low that I could justify to myself not taking these Malaria pills.

Russian roulette

Another extremely provoking yet still interesting side thought then becomes what probability you are willing to take for playing Russian roulette with a gun. Russian roulette is where the gun only has one bullet in the cylinder and you spin it around and hold it to your head before shooting. In order to receive 1 million USD what probability would you accept to play this game? If there was 20% chance maybe you would not. But what if there was only 1% chance and you would after have 1 million USD. Would you play with your life this way? Most likely yes if the odds are low enough for you to think it won’t happen.

Betting with friends

Whenever we go and shoot pool with our friends we always play for beer or who is going to pay for the game. In reality we are betting on ourselves and even so we both know the odds of him winning are much higher this is still how we do it.
I like to watch football. Long before I had seen an online casino or betting web site we pooled money together during big football events and made our private betting setup. This was simplified methods where we just gave all outcomes the same odds and the winner would then take the money pool. The mechanisms of this betting setup and modern online casino and betting sites are the same.