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Upcoming Events Over the next several months MOPP will be having several seminars/training sessions in various locations around the state-watch for more details soon.
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Have you heard all the complaints about voter fraud? Are you unhappy about the irregularities of the voter records? Did you know that in this last election, more voters had to complete affidavits and use provisional voting because the voter records are a mess? It should be in everyone’s interest to do something about that. And if we start now, maybe we can clean things up by the next big election. It has been estimated that it will take between 40 – 50 people working continually over a two year period to clean up voter records in St.Louis County. And I don’t think we can rely on our new Secretary of State to do much about this. The Missouri Precinct Project is a member of True the Vote and we have the opportunity to use the capabilities and expertise of True the Vote to clean up the Register Voter Database of Missouri . You can do this from the comfort of your home. Just spend a few hours a week to work on this worthwhile project.  All you need to do is sign up as a volunteer with http://www.truethevote.org/portal/ and we’ll take it from there.  It will take a while to get everything  set up and after you take some training you are ready to go.
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Support the Elimination of Electronic Voting Machines We greatly appreciate all the calls you made, and the letters and testimonies you wrote in support of our paper ballot bills, HB773 and SB375.  It was especially heartening to see the 500+ individual testimonies in favor of these bills that came in from around the state.   Clearly this is an issue that is gaining momentum as the flame of distrust of government and electronics is fanned by news of NSA spying and Chinese hackers. In our constitutional republic, it is imperative that “we the people” are able to see and verify our vote and our vote count. The big news right now is that House Speaker Tim Jones has appointed an Interim Elections Committee to work over the summer/fall while the House is on recess.  They plan to work on revisions of the election law and how to find money to deal with the aging electronic voting equipment. This is very significant and should be of great concern to those of us who know that we can never have an “open vote” in Missouri, as our Missouri Constitution requires, until we rid our state of DREs, and make a hand-marked paper ballot the official ballot in the state.  We need your help to submit letters to the editor of your local paper as soon as possible.  It can be brief.  It can be simple.  It should be heartfelt.   It should inform the public of your concerns about electronic voting machines. Check out the facts here https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_MwMY9m6KQdMzNvNHdzVFQxRkU/edit?usp=sharing Coalition for Transparent and Secure Elections (CTSE) Laura Hausladen  (Campaign for Liberty) Frieda Keough  (Missouri Precinct Project) Phillip Michaels  (Missourians for Honest Elections) Cynthia Richards  (Missourians for Honest Elections) --members, the * CONTACT CTSE at  missouriprecinctproject@gmail.com MISSOURI HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES INTERIM ELECTIONS COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Republicans:  Sue Entlicher, Gary Cross, John Diehl, Tony Dugger,  Joe Don McGaugh, Dave Muntzell, Myron Neth, Brian Spencer Democrats:  Pat Conway, Mike Colona, Randy Dunn, Stacy Newman
Below are several sample letters you can use to send to your local paper. Especially if you live in one of the districts of the Missouri Legislators appointed to the interim committee. Also attached is a great flier to hand out whenever you go to a meeting of like minded people. Or you can call their office and leave them a message with their Legislative Assistant.  After you click the link to the Letter’s, choose “file” and then “download as”.  After you have saved the file, print it and mail to your local newspaper. Link to print flyer
Goals of the Missouri Precinct Project for the upcoming Election Cycle In order to be successful, the MoGOP needs to be re-built from the ground up. We can achieve this by •Identifying every Committeeposition in every county across the state •By making sure every open Committeeposition is filled with constitutional conservatives •In addition, citizens need to become community organizers in their own neighborhoods and take ownership of their political neighborhoods •And everyone needs to pay attention to what their local elected officials are up to by attending local meetings – from County Council meetings to Municipal meetings and school board meetings. •Everyone needs to make sure that constitutional conservatives run for elective office at all levels of government and to govern in the spirit of Liberty, Freedom and Free Market Principles.