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Well, the 2104 elections have come and gone… Well, the 2104 elections have come and gone…and in many ways the outcomes were positive.  Hopefully winning the majority in the U.S. Senate will be not be a wasted opportunity.   However, as can already be seen regarding passage of the “Cromnibus” bill, Washington DC is still going about its business as usual.  Unfortunately, every Missouri Congressman voted for the budget which includes huge chunks of wasteful spending including funding of the Obama Administration’s amnesty plan…something which, according to polls, the majority of Americans oppose. While Washington continues to run amok…one of the most encouraging election outcomes from the August and November elections was the increasing number of grassroots conservatives stepping up to fill local and State positions…including the ever important central committee positions.   In keeping with MOPP’s dedication to the philosophy that “all politics is local”….it is time to redouble efforts to find dedicated, Constitution loving individuals, willing to uphold the principles embodied in our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is critical/imperative that we are constantly scouting for potential candidates that possess the qualities needed to fill these positions.   In Missouri,  “General Municipal Election Day” will be held on April 7, 2015.  The filing period for these positions will begin TOMORROW, December 16, 2014 and will continue through January 20, 2015…this includes city councils, village councils, municipal councils, school boards etc.  To see  the election schedule for 2015 go  here:  (http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/calendar/default.asp?id=2015)   It is important that trustworthy, principled people file for these positions that are so pivotal in the civic life of our communities/state.  In many cases these positions are volunteer positions. It is a noble tradition that many people serve in these positions to serve their neighbors.  But it is also badly abused by some that use these positions to "feather their nests" and those of their friends.   That is why we would encourage our MOPP members/supporters to help recruit quality candidates…including themselves…to run for the positions in their own local communities where citizens can become directly involved in their own self-governance, just as our Founders envisioned.  On school boards, more good conservative candidates are needed to help preserve local control and push back against Common Core.  Running honest, small government candidates for the variety of municipal governmental positions in your own local governments will be instrumental in protecting property rights and help to deter government interference into our day to day lives on the local level. Over the past few years, an impressive number of fiscally and politically conservative candidates....many of whom have never run for office in their lives...have succeeded in winning their races, but many are still outnumbered on the boards, committees and governmental bodies on which they serve....and they need help...they need "reinforcements" to help them achieve the goals of limited, fiscally conservative leadership.  We need to outnumber the opposition!   Regardless of what happens at the national level, politics at the local level is not going away and will ALWAYS be important.  We cannot count on Washington to change things…it is up to us to be the change we seek…and that can be done most effectively and efficiently beginning at the local level where we can have the greatest impact and the strongest voice! We are gaining in our efforts, but we need to keep the momentum going....contact your county clerk's office/election board to find out what positions will be on the ballot in your county on April 7th.