Gambling In Germany

Germany Gambling Tax info and Financial Facts by Moprecinct Project

If we take a look into the gambling industry of Germany, we will come to know that it has been through several ups and downs lately. Well, the reason behind is the fact that in 2008, each and every gambling and betting house, both online and land based was termed as illegal. Without any doubt, the sweeping ban certainly broke thousands of hearts.
However, a new hope has instilled in every gambling enthusiasts as a fresh Gambling Law has been passed lately. Before we provide you more information about the gambling laws in Germany, let us take a look at the preferred deposit and withdrawal options.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Online casinos that allow players from Germany to sign up with them offer wide range of options for deposit and withdrawal. Credit card, VISA, and PayPal are the most preferred options. Other than them, you can also depend upon other options like MoneyBooker, NETeller.

Gambling Law

According to the German government, it was quite necessary to safeguard their citizens from the ill effects of online gambling. And, this was the reason why the German government imposed a ban on all sorts of gambling in the country.

However, a new gambling law was passed on 1st of July, 2012. This new law has removed the ban and has termed gambling as legal in the country. But, it is important to mention that the law is active only in three major areas, which are – Laara, Schindler, and Zenatti. Now, the new law states that gambling will be allowed only in these three areas. In addition, the new law also says that no gambling activity will be considered as legal if carried out beyond a certain limit. For instance, if any company tries to make profits by organizing lottery games then it would be considered s illegal. On the other hand, the same would be considered as legal if it is carried out for some cultural and charitable reasons. According to the new law, gambling will be considered as legal in 16 German states.