Gambling In Italy

Italy Gambling Tax

Payment options of Italian gambling

Withdrawals and casinos are the most significant aspects of the gambling activities. You should be careful while managing the finances in a safe as well as secure manner. This will lead you in a comfortable situation as well as in a prosperous financial situation. This article shall provide you all the relevant and significant elements of gambling activities. Italian casinos offer a wide variety of payment options as the casinos of other countries. All the gamblers playing in the Italian casinos should be careful while selecting the payment methods. Make sure you are choosing a reliable and genuine payment method for your banking transactions.

Following are some popular payment methods explained.

Moneybookers: This is a complete solution for all the banking related problems. Try this payment method and you shall know the benefits all by yourself.

Click2Pay: This method is widely used in all the major casinos. In addition, you shall also find many bonuses with this method.

Bank Link: This is an instant payment method which is also called as U net. You can easily transfer funds with the help of this particular payment option.

Some taxation elements of gambling in Italy

The gross revenue of gambling activities in Italy is about 4.5%, while he gross profits are about 20% on the taxable cash games including both the online casinos as well as the offline casinos. Nevertheless, the luck games or the games that depend solely on chance are taxed depending on their turnover. At bingo games here, the tax of 11% is taxed. On the contrary, just 3% is taxed on all the poker tournament held in the Italian casinos, be it online or offline doesn’t matter. However, you should check out the basic taxable elements before gambling in Italy.

Legality aspects of gambling in Italy

Italian criminal law states that gambling is illegal, no matter whether it is planned in public or private or in any other different place. Lotteries as well as sports betting also come under the gambling activities. However, if anytime any player goes against the gambling laws, he or she has to bear the punishments which can be either fines or penalty or imprisonment for few months. In addition to the above mentioned elements related to gambling, if you want to know more you can browse through various sites on the internet for additional information.