How Backgammon Began?

The ancient roots of the backgammon set can be traced to the Near East, thousands of years in the past. According to the experts the birthplace of backgammon coincides with the territory of modern Iraq and Iran. The materials widely used in the ancient world to create a variety of vessels were also used to create the basic elements of the backgammon set. The simplest type of a backgammon set may have been scratched in the earth or on a flat piece of wood. The checkers may have been made of stone, and the dice may have been carved out of bone.

The methods and the materials used to fabricate the original backgammon sets were rather primitive and they are no longer in use today. The game has not changed much though. The division of the backgammon board into twenty-four triangular-shaped sections and the allocation of fifteen checkers to each player are some features that have remained the same as in ancient times. Many of the rules of the game have also remained unchanged.

The game of backgammon is rather simple to understand and very entertaining to play. As soon as people realized this, the game became very popular and the backgammon set became a common sight in homes or meeting places where gaming took place. As time moved on, the backgammon sets started to be made out of wood. Other materials such as porcelain were also used in those days. The most expensive backgammon sets were of precious metals. Those backgammon sets were certainly eye-catching, but only the richest members of society that liked to play backgammon could afford them. Such a backgammon set was a display of wealth and social standing.

Backgammon sets were manufactured on demand up until the 19th century. This meant that people who wanted to play backgammon would order a local craftsman to fabricate one for them. After the 19th century though, backgammon sets made their appearance on the shop shelves thanks to the introduction of modern mass production. In modern days, these items are available in numerous stores and are so cheap that even a child can afford to buy one.

Now there are other alternatives to take into consideration. You can play a traditional game of backgammon, or you can play a virtual game of backgammon. Simply go online and play online backgammon with players from all over the world. Not only is it a good alternative, but it is also a highly popular one as well. The online gaming industry is continuously growing and the online backgammon games that are being offered today are highly realistic. They actually look so real that you will feel like you can reach out into the screen and throw the dice or move a checker. Still, traditional backgammon sets are still in demand. Even though online backgammon is very popular, people are still asking for traditional backgammon boards, checkers and dice. It’s just that instead of going to a store to buy them, they go to a virtual store and buy them online. You can find a large range of backgammon sets to buy, ranging from cheap to very expensive.

Regardless if you just want to play for fun, or you want to better your backgammon skills, simply go online and play. This is a great way to improve your game and it is the first step to becoming a pro backgammon player.
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