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The Illinois Precinct Project We are proud to announce the creation of a group in our neighbouring State of Illinois. IllinoisPrecinct.com took the lead from the Missouri Precinct Project and created a Precinct Project in the home state of the President with goal of reviving the Republican Party in the State of Illinois, the state of the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln. We hope to be able to announce soon further news about an exciting initiative started by our friends in Illinois. Washington Doesn't Get It! Do You Get It! Go to IllinoisPrecinct.com and check it out.
Adopt a Precinct From the beginning, we have always promoted the idea that we need Precinct Captains to revive the party from the ground up. We have had successes with this concept but in light that there will be another election year coming up, we need to revive this initiative. Maybe becoming a precinct captain for a whole precinct is somewhat daunting. How about we urge  interested citizens to adopt a street, a neighborhood, their neighbors. And ask a friend to join you.  Many of the tools anyone would need are already on on this website —go to "Training Tools" or "Research Data" and will find lots of stuff to guide you. Soon, we will have a database that will allow you to check out the registered voters in your area. You can print reports or download the data your are interested in to your smart device —iPad or iPhone/Smartphone-. And it will tell you what questions to ask and type in the responses. Look for more updates soon
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